The original Circus Oz Living Archive project (2010-14) was a partnership between RMIT University, Circus Oz, the Australia Council, La Trobe University and The Arts Centre, funded by the Australian Research Council Linkage program. Here are the people who made it happen.

RMIT University

Project Director/Lead Researcher — David Carlin
Lead Researchers — Adrian Miles, Peta Tait (La Trobe University), James Thom, Laurene Vaughan
Interaction Designer & Developer and PhD Candidate — Reuben Stanton
Video Server Administrator, Database Designer and PhD Candidate — Lukman Iwan
Project Manager — Laetitia Shand
Video Digitisation and Research Associate — Kim Baston
Research Assistants — Ana Vaz, Melissa Toh 
Research Associate / Project Co-founder — Jane Mullett
Research Associate — Jeremy Yuille

Circus Oz

Memories, ideas, laughter, story telling and co-ordination from
Mike Finch
Lou Oppenheim
Linda Mickleborough
Tim Coldwell
Peter Williams (Deloitte Digital)
Robyn McGregor
Clare McKenzie
Anni Davey
Erica Heller-Wagner
Mel Fyfe
Jaclyn Booton
Olivia Blackburn
Erica Heller-Wagner
Jono Hawkes
Scott Grayland
Laurel Frank

Australia Council for the Arts

Partner Researchers — Nick Herd (2010-2013), David Everist

Victorian Arts Centre Trust

Partner Researcher — Patricia Stokes

The Circus Oz Living Archive was made possible with funding from

Australian Research Council
RMIT University
LaTrobe University
Circus Oz
Australia Council for the Arts
Victorian Arts Centre Trust (Performing Arts Collection)

The digitization of the Circus Oz moving image collection was enabled by an Australian Research Council LIEF AusStage Phase 4 grant entitled ‘Harnessing collective intelligence and pioneering new visual methodologies for innovative research into Australian live performance’ in 2010.

The Living Archive received Seed Funding from the Mediated City flagship of the RMIT Design Research Institute.

2022 Revival

In early 2022 a Living Archive Revival Committee (LARC) was convened by David Carlin to repair and rebuild the Living Archive site, aiming to enable it to be publicly accessible in a sustainable form with long-term institutional hosting. This process is supported through the ARC LIEF grant LE210100021, the Australian Cultural Data Engine project, led by Rachel Fensham (University of Melbourne)

The people involved in LARC include:

David Carlin
Daniel Tosello
Georgine Clarsen
Laurel Frank
Mike Finch
Jane Mullett
Anni Davey

Additional thanks to Robert Hutton for starting recovery work on the site.