Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Living Archive?

The Circus Oz Living Archive is a living, breathing, work-in-progress video archive built upon the Circus Oz collection of performance documentation, dating back to 1978.

The Living Archive project was developed in collaboration with RMIT University, the Australian Research Council, La Trobe University, the Australia Council for the Arts and the Victorian Arts Centre Trust (Performing Arts Collection). The Australian Research Council and the Australia Council funded the project.

This project is important as it protects Circus Oz's video footage from further deterioration and provides an opportunity to share its history with a wider audience. The Living Archive enables people to add their own stories and anecdotes to the videos. In this way we hope to build a rich, multi-layered, many-voiced history of our iconic Australian company.

How do I access the Living Archive on my PC or Mac?

The Circus Oz Living Archive was an experimental research project built to take advantage of the latest web technology in 2009. The system was updated in 2014 to remove a reliance on the swf format but, web standards have continued to evolve.

You should be able to use any modern browser to access the Living Archive, but some legacy issues may occur. Please use the "Send Feedback" link at the bottom of each page to report any issues you encounter to the admin team.

How do I access the Living Archive on my Smartphone or Tablet?

The Living Archive is currently not optimised for use on smartphones or tablets, but should still be accessible via a standard web browser. Note that some issues may occur, and may be reported via the "Send Feedback" button at the bottom of each page.

Do I have to register to use the Living Archive?

You do not have to register to watch videos on the Living Archive but if you wish to add a story or create a collection then you are required to register. To register you will need to enter your email address, create a password and tell us your name. We would also like you to tell us what your relationship to Circus Oz is. Are you a past performer or a fan or someone who used to sell popcorn for us?!

I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

On the login page there is a link that says ‘I forget my password’. If you click this and enter your email address and new password, an email will be sent to you with a link that you must click to verify it is your account.

What is a collection?

Collections are handpicked groups of shows, stories or acts that an individual has selected from the Living Archive. A collection could be a selection of your favourite acts or a selection of stories from someone of interest.

To start making a collection, find an act, story or show that interests you. Under the video click the ‘collect’ button and then from the drop down menu select ‘New Collection’. You then need to name your collection eg. ‘Favourite juggling acts’, and click save. To view or edit your collection click on ‘Your Collections’ then click on the collection you have just created. You can now play the collection, edit the collection to be either public or private and add a description to the collection or item. You can then go into other acts or stories and choose to add them to an existing collection.

I appear on the archive but have not been contacted about it. What should I do?

Circus Oz has made best endeavours to contact all the performers and creative collaborators that appear in these videos. If we have not been able to find you we would love to hear from you, either through your comments and stories or you can contact the Circus Oz Living Archive team directly. Please use the "Send Feedback" button at the bottom of each page.

If you were in the audience and appear in these videos please contact us if you have any questions.

I’ve found a mistake on the archive, who do I tell?

This site is in constant ongoing development; we’re still teaching the site new tricks, developing new features and uploading new videos. If you find a mistake, like the name of someone in the show or something won’t work, please let us know! You can either send a message via the "Send Feedback" link at the bottom of each page of the website. Don’t forget to tell us which show you are looking at or which feature isn't working as you expect.

What are the Living Archive’s terms and conditions?

The website Terms and Conditions can be found here.